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On The Cover

This month cover features fine art photography by Barbara Rabek. Her interest in photographing landscapes and birds is derived mainly from her love of the natural world. Great photographs are to be found everywhere, but almost never found easily. Finding great nature images takes patience and time. The appeal of her photos lie in the blending of the technical and the artistic to create her version of what she has seen.

She is a Master Naturalist, an advisory board member for the Ronald McDonald house and a board member of Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council, an organization that supports and develops naturebased educational and recreational activities. “If I am successful, I believe that the image will ‘speak’ to the viewer and evoke emotion,” says Barbara. “I am truly passionate in this quest to communicate the visual beauty of the natural world and hope that viewers of my work will come to appreciate the wonderful complexities of this planet and help to work to preserve it.”

Her work is located at Tremont Gallery, 511 23rd Street in Galveston.

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