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Story and photo by JK Killen

In 1969 musician Danny Kristensen was playing in his garage band “Proper Circle” when he met Neal Witwer. The two hit it off and they soon formed the band known as “1900 Storm”. Throughout the next decades the “1900 Storm” became one of the most successful rock bands in island history. Neal Witwer was the ultimate professional, a mentor and a friend to many Galveston musicians and It was a great loss to all when he passed away on May 31st of this year.

Danny decided to have a night of celebration and rememberance on Saturday July 17 at The Historic M & M. Restaurant and Bar. Joining Danny were Phil Ochoa (drums), Bobby Fossier (bass) from 1900 Storm and Richard Morant (guitar) from the band “Circus” with other performers also attending.

The outdoor patio area at M&M was at full seating capacity as melodies of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and an eclectic mix of past, current and even original tunes were heard lilting through the evenings warm summer breeze. A very fun and upbeat time was had by all.

After the concert Danny said: “I sense a feeling of closure for those of us working through the loss of our dear friend. This was something Neal would have Loved”. ~

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Every Thursday starting at 6pm. Bring a chair and enjoy the music !

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