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Blossom Street Gallery, soon to be renamed Watson Gallery, is a new and significant addition to downtown Galveston. The island location recently opened on May 3 and other Blossom Street Gallery locations continue to sprout up everywhere. Current locations include one each on The Strand and in The Woodlands. 

The Strand Street location is open five days a week; Tuesday and Wednesday hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursday, Friday and Saturday hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The Woodlands location features one-night shows. Look for the new Houston location to open on September 11.
Blossom Street Gallery works with 75 artists in Houston and Galveston and features 25 to 30 artists at a time. The gallery’s main objective is to support local artists. Blossom Street Gallery does everything they can to assist the up and coming; understanding that some artists must work full time at other jobs while possessing a passion for creating. They rent out wall space to artists who then earn 100 percent commission from the sale of their work. Photographer Jane Chance is one of the artists currently featured at Blossom Street Gallery on The Strand.
  For any inquires contact Melissa Watson by e-mail at or call 585-737-9524.
You can follow Blossom Street Gallery on Facebook .

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By Alyssa Jaisle

TeakThe Teak Store in Galveston has had as extensive a journey to the island as the furniture sold there. Jerry Poland, the warm and helpful owner, began Teak Imports USA in 1996 all the way in Maui. After enjoying a successful 13 years on that island, he moved to ours.
In February 2009, Poland and The Teak Store officially began business in downtown Galveston. The store provides not only the best selection of teak furniture available but also the best service. When you walk in the door you feel like you are entering a shiny forest, minus the greenery. Beautiful wood gleans from all corners and just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you spot a decorative teak dragon peeking out from behind the stately bench to your right.
The Teak Store sees many customers during the day, but Art Walk is when the store enjoys the most traffic as the furniture is considered pieces of art. Poland travels all the way to Bali to shop and ship back prime pieces to Galveston. The trip takes about a month and after placing an order, the furniture takes over two months to reach the store.

Poland says it’s always an exciting time when new furniture arrives because it takes so long between orders and deliveries some pieces even surprise him! The Teak Store is located at 2227 Post Office. Contact the store by calling 409-750-9505.

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Fullen Jewelry store on Postoffice has a wide variety of jewelry that will suit all tastes. In various prices and metal compositions they offer necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. 

The feature attraction of the shop is the Custom Clasp Collection. This clasp collection is a great addition to any jewelry box and will not take up much space. With a custom clasp, you purchase a single bracelet and then buy multiple clasps that are interchangeable. 
The bracelets come in many designs. All have a sterling silver base but there is also a choice of different gold accents on the silver. There are many nautical clasp designs such as starfish, mermaids and anchors but all themes are available.  
For jewelry wearers who like to be in season but hate to purchase new items every few months this bracelet is a smart buy. The clasps are reasonably priced and fun to accessorize with. For instance if you wanted to have a lizard for the summer season but then felt an anchor would be more appropriate for fall it would be a simple switch.
The store also offers jewelry in alternative metals such as stainless steels, tungsten, and titanium. These metals help the jewelry stand out without losing the classical feel. Stop by the store to fully appreciate the clasp collection and other items offered.
Fullen’s is located at 2215 Postoffice. For more information call 409-763-0555.

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Find treasures at the Island’s many gift shops along the beach
Treasure Trove
by lori thompson
If you look up and down any coastline, you’ll see plenty of gift shops.  Galveston beach is no exception.  There are several shops on the Seawall that stand out among the others.
Murdochs is the oldest gift shop in town.  At 100 years old, it still stands over the water at the end of 22nd St.  In fact, in April of this year, they had their 100 year celebration.  The money raised by this party was given to Ronald McDonald House.  Laura Flores runs Murdochs now.  The shop has been run by the same family all these years.  They are known for their extensive seashell collection.  They also carry just about every type of Galveston Island souvenir you can think of.  According to Laura, “If you can’t find it here, you won’t be able to find it!”  The tin roof bar that is part of the same building features frozen drinks, beer, and sodas that you can enjoy out on the deck, sitting in a rocking chair.

A bit further east, at the end of 5th Street, you will find Wings.  Wings owns and operates over 30 locations across the beaches of America.  WingsThey feature high quality clothing, swimwear, shoes, souvenirs, and beach accessories.  Since its founding in 1978, Wings has offered the best selection at affordable prices.  It is known for its trend setting designs that are unmatched by the competition. Check out their website: for daily specials and other featured products.

Bargain BeachwearAt 4708 Seawall you will find Bargain Beachwear. For the past 25 years, Bargain Beachwear has offered the largest selection of swimwear in Galveston.  They feature plus-sizes for both men and women.  According to the owner, Izzy, any size, from XS to 5XL can find swimwear, beachwear and T-shirts.  Those custom T-shirts can be created from over 1,000 designs.  The moment you walk into Bargain Beachwear, you notice the wide variety of clothing and souvenirs displayed literally from the floor to the ceiling.  Stop in for a coupon for 15% off any merchandise!


As you continue west along the Seawall, you will find Dolphin World at 8910 Seawall.  They offer a huge selection of brand name beachwear, sportswear and swimwear, as well as accessories such as hats, shades, sandals, tanks and tees.  They also carry souvenirs from small-scale boats, seashells, hermit crabs, and just about everything else you can think of. 

Finally, Treasure Trove is located in Jamaica Beach.  Treasure Trove is not a souvenir shop or “shell shop” according to owner Debbie Kubeczka.  They carry resort/casual wear, bathing suits and cover ups, candles, bath and body products, home, garden and deck décor and plenty of gifts and seasonal items.  In addition, they feature Vietri hand-crafted Italian ceramics.  Clearly, Treasure Trove IS a treasure trove for quality gifts and garments.  Visit them at

With such a variety of gift shops on the Seawall, you are sure to find just the right souvenir, gift, swimsuit or clothing!

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