Judge Wayne Mallia is the 4th Generation to Call Galveston Island his Home

Judge Mallia attended Catholic schools on the island from kindergarten through
high school. He attended one year of college at St. Edward’s University and
graduated from The University of Texas in Austin. He then graduated from St.
Mary’s School of Law.
After law school Judge Mallia thought he wouldn’t be returning to Galveston
but fate wouldn’t allow it. Judge Pete Urbani cajoled him to interview with the
Galveston County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. Judge Mallia yielded
and went for an interview the next morning. By the following morning he was
Judge Mallia quickly worked his way through the ranks of the D.A.’s Office. He
started in the misdemeanor section and was promoted first
to chief of misdemeanors and then promoted to the felony
section. Within a little over four years Judge Mallia was
appointed as the First Assistant Criminal District Attorney.
He has prosecuted a wide variety of felony criminal cases
including possession of controlled substances, aggravated
robbery, aggravated sexual assault of a child, murder and
capital murder helping take some of the most dangerous
criminals off of our streets.
Judge Mallia was elected as the first judge of the 405th
District Court in November of 2000. He’s presided over
thousands of felony criminal cases and thousands of civil
Judge Mallia also brought the STEP program to Galveston
County; a program whose purpose is to persuade nonviolent
probationers to successfully complete their
probation through different levels of sanctions and become
productive citizens. This helps prevent non-violent
offenders from becoming a drain on the limited resources
in our criminal justice system and pushing the violent and
repeat offenders out of jail.
When asked to what he attributes his success, Judge
Mallia says that first it is his beautiful, intelligent and
talented wife, Sherry. Then it would be his loving, but firm
upbringing by his mother and father, Barbara and Eddie.
He also attributes it to his 17 out of 20 years of Catholic
This is one of the many reasons Judge Mallia is now the president of the
O’Connell school board of which he has been a member since 2007.
Judge Mallia is a firm believer in Catholic education. His son, Corey, goes
to O’Connell College Preparatory School and will be a senior next year. His
daughter, Maddie, will attend O’Connell next year as a freshman. This will
make Corey and Maddie fourth generation Buccaneers.
Now the final question. The question that is asked of all who live on the island.
Is he a BOI? “Most people think I am. But, when I’m asked, I grudgingly tell
them the truth. No, I’m not,” he says. “I was born in Houston because my father
was going to dental school there when I was born.”

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