Galveston College Regents Approve Engineering Degree

The Board of Regents of the Galveston Community College District and engineering risk management approved a new field of study Wednesday night that will offer students an opportunity to earn their first two years of an Engineering degree or an Associate of Science in Engineering at Galveston College. The program is recruiting students now for classes beginning in the fall of 2012.

The transfer curriculum provided in the program is designed for students who plan to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at a senior college or university after completing their studies at Galveston College. Upon successful completion of a prescribed 67 credit hours in four semesters the students will be eligible to graduate from Galveston College with an Associates of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Galveston College President Dr. W. Myles Shelton commented that “the development of this program coincides with our receipt of a major STEM grant and our continued development of viable workforce options at our main campus and at the Charlie Thomas Family Vocational Technical Training Center. We look forward to accepting student applications for this program.”

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