The Best New Year’s Excercise for Mind, Body Spirit & Home

By Henriette Glant (Heni), Level 3 Practitioner

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I’m sure that your tummy is full by now. Let me give you a very easy-to-follow and effective recipe to free your home from clutter. This will train your mind and brain as well as your body by going through your stuff and your place.

In Feng Shui we are very serious about de-cluttering. The more empty space you have, the more opportunity you have in your life. You can put anything onto your empty plate at a party. But the more side dishes you put on it, the less space you will have for dessert, right? So walk around and check your house to see if your shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc., are 50 percent empty. If not, get five big, sturdy boxes and let’s start.

Before you get to the point that you have so much that you don’t even start, get a red tape or anything red and highlight that area you need to work on. This will keep warning you. Do little by little and do not frustrate yourself. You can explain to your visitors why you have so much red around your place. I guarantee by the time you are done you will be an expert and you can help them to do the same. Label your five boxes as follows:

• I don’t know. Put everything here that you cannot make a decision if you really like them. Maybe this is a gift from someone you love or maybe you want to save grandma’s old china or your children’s art.
However, you may be holding them from guilt. Give this box — or even furniture — to a friend or put it into storage for three months and see how your life is going without them. After three months, ask your friend to go through all the items in the box with you and make a wise choice to keep them or give them away.
• Give away/sell/recycle. These items may be great for e-bay, a garage sale or for donation. All of your trash can be a treasure for someone else.
• Keep but store: Items like tax papers, contracts and Christmas decorations should go in this box. Keep them well organized and place them in a good storage container.
• Belongs somewhere else. Take these objects where they belong. For example, glasses from last night to the kitchen.
• It belongs here: Great! Put these items in the box, clean the shelf or cabinet and place them back. Remember the 50 percent rule. Emptiness equals possibilities. Leave 50 percent free of everything, including shelves and closets.

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