A New Place & A New Space Aura Soma® The Magic of Colors to Re-Birth Your Soul

Green is an easy color to associate with. We have greens on our grocery list, we feel so fresh and open in a forest or in a meadow. Green is very strongly associated with freedom. Green in Aura Soma® is about directions, space and having a higher perspective of all happenings. Look at the pathway in the picture, isn’t it calling you? It leads somewhere for sure. Let’s say it leads us to the top of a mountain where we will have an amazing view around. Every direction you look, you will have a new perspective, a new angel of truth in front of you. See green as a supportive color in your life.

Besides the other color ideas I have already given you to wear in different situations, or meetings, here is how green will help you: when you will need to be open minded or come up with new ideas; or it’s a day of making decisions, wear some green or a green pendant of the huge variety of gemstones like emerald, jade or aventurine. When emotions are involved, green is a great help. If somebody gets emotional and starts shaking in tears, give them a piece of green fabric, it will help.
I can always tell the challenge in a color. When green is out of balance, there is a hidden message of self-doubt, enviousness, greediness, inflexibility or jealousy. Now, let me lead you a little bit into Feng Shui; Do you agree that having clutter in your home and life might be connected with limitation, withholding, grasping, self-imposing and difficulties in making decisions? If you like the idea, why don’t you wear some green while you are doing the de-cluttering in your home and create a new place for your new space.
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