Happy Pretty Life!

Story & Photo By Annie Willow

Imagine walking into an abundant field of lush lavender. Warm gentle winds dance through the light purple blossoms surrounding you in the relaxing aroma of their nectar. You gently pick a flower, close your eyes and bring it to your nose. Experiencing waves of peace over your mind, body and spirit as you enjoy a long, slow, deep breath of its relaxing essence. Letting it all go you discover serenity now. All is well in your happy pretty life.

The magic behind creating a happy, pretty life is found in three simple steps. Let your spirit follow your passions. Believe in your dreams. Be grateful for every moment of your journey. When you are able to do that you will discover that you are enjoying the reality of your dreams with joy and ease. Joy-n-ease is the language spoken by those living the life of their dreams. The key to being fluent in joy-n-ease is to live in the moment.
We are human and the batwings (worries, fears, anxieties, doubts and concerns) in our thoughts keep us from living in the moment. Worrying about what happened yesterday and being anxious about tomorrow means we are not here in the now, anxiety can eventually lead to obesity if it’s uncontrolled, read how to treat it with resurge.  Hanging on to the past instead of letting go affects your mind, body and spirit as much as it does your life. It can prevent you from experiencing gratitude, darken your spirit and shatter your dreams.
“The Secret” is a book and movie by Rhonda Byrne critically acclaimed by Oprah when she said: “The Secret opened a door to the concept of the power of consciousness to millions of people.” It is believed that a Universal Law much like gravity, perpetual motion and karma exists called the Law Of Attraction (LOA). It allows you to create your life with your thoughts, actions and emotions. Like a boomerang, whatever energy you put out — be it good or bad — will come back to you. The more passionate you are and the more emotion you feel the stronger the vibration your desire will be and the faster you will bring it into your life. So think happy thoughts because thoughts become things.
Happy Thoughts University 101
• Letting Go: Batwings Be Gone! Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write out today’s date and Batwings Be Gone at the top. Write out everything that bothers you from being stuck in traffic, a promotion you’re hoping for, to an undesirable situation from the past. Include every single little thought that is cluttering up your mind. It may take several pages and that is perfectly fine. When you are done, write out: Serenity Now! Thank You! and sign it. Shred it or burn it and be amazed at how much less stress you are feeling.
• Gratitude: Keep a happy thoughts journal of everything you are grateful for in your life. Finding a penny on the ground, green lights all the way to work, lunch with a dear friend, living on an island, family gatherings, puppy kisses. Share your gratitude with everyone in your life from a stranger at the market to those closest to you. The more you express the gratitude in your heart the more you will have to be grateful for because what you put out there is what you get back.
• Dream: Dream. Dream big. Dream often. Go all the way and be very specific about what you are wishing, hoping or praying to come into your life. It’s human nature to say “I hope it doesn’t rain today” when actually we are meaning “I sure hope its sunny today.” Write down your dreams or make a vision board (collage of pictures, words, tokens that represent your dream life) and hang it up to subconsciously reinforce your desires. Anything is possible.
Congratulations! Your desire for inner peace and happiness has brought this article into your hands using the Law Of Attraction. Your spirit is free to soar, your mind is free to dream, and your body is free to carry you into the life of your dreams with joy-n-ease. Enjoy living in the moment as you discover the serenity now in your happy pretty life.
Annie Willow is grateful for every moment of her life, an Islander By Choice and the proud owner of Happy Pretty You! Reiki Salon & Spa — A holistic oasis to set your inner beauty free naturally. Hair, skin, holistic and happy thoughts coaching services available by appointment only. Visit HappyPrettyYou.com or call 409-765-5502.

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