Live Performances by ‘The Saltwater Poet’ at ArtWalk

By Jessica Dobson

Attendees of the Galveston ArtWalks can now enjoy a new kind of art as local poet, James M. Rankin, better known as “The Saltwater Poet,” takes to the streets, performing readings of his works outside Cruz Cortez Clothiers.
Internationally recognized for his professional and motivational books, such as “Power of the Creed,” “The Magic of Method Selling,” and “Optimistm, A Life Enriching Philosophy,” Rankin takes time out to write poetry. He has published multiple works, including “The Philosopher Poet” and “Dawning of the Day,” with several more projects in the works.

A local Galvestonian, Rankin graduated from Texas State University and earned his graduate degrees from Kennedy Western University and now works for a financial service company as the National Marketing Director. While Rankin has a strong business background, his interest in poetry and performance started early. As a middle school student, Rankin found his knack for story telling when reading his short story homework aloud for his classmates.
Years later, Rankin began Left Brain Right Brain Publications, to share his work with the world and in the hopes of opening doors for other aspiring writers. He is also in the beginnings of starting a literary society on the island for those who enjoy the craft. Rankin encourages aspiring writers to “never loose hope, always perfect the craft, write whenever you can, even if you don’t feel like writing, it’s important.”
After publishing nearly a dozen books, Rankin has found his niche in poetry, a truly free style which offers “the ability to step outside of the concrete to look at the subject in an artistic form, capturing the emotion of a moment forever.” He also hopes Left Brain Right Brain Publications can help create an awareness of the value of poetry.
A true islander at heart, Rankin draws much of his inspiration from the seaside environment. He explains that the subject of many of his poems is the ocean, as “it is a metaphor for life, the ebb and flow, the life it sustains and the beauty it presents.” Rankin describes his style of “metaphysical,” as his work often explores our attempts at understanding our existence. He also draws great inspiration from the potentiality of people, “Everyone can improve. I hope my poetry inspires people to recognize the greatness that is in everyone, especially themselves.”
Check out or stop by Cruz Cortez Clothiers at 2227 Postoffice Street to purchase copies of Rankin’s books, have your copy signed or just enjoy a live reading during the ArtWalk January 28th. Rankin is also available for for private poetry readings and public speaking events. Contact him at or 409-370-9975.

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