Club Volleyball Team Seeking Sponsorships Featuring New Lunch Menu Items

A club volleyball team in Galveston has been created that will allow student athletes to improve their volleyball skills. These girls have a goal to change how Ball High School Athletics and volleyball compete. They are committing themselves to compete at a higher level.

They will be participating and playing for five to six months in order to achieve this goal. In addition to dedicating the time and commitment practice and playing, these girls are participating in fundraisers to help offset the cost. The love and pride these girls have for their community is apparent through their willingness to put in extra work to succeed for Galveston. In order to achieve these goals, Thunder Volleyball (Galveston Branch) is asking for the business communities to help. Three levels of sponsorship are available: Ace Sponsor $1,000; Kill Sponsor $500 and Dig Sponsor $100. In-kind Sponsor can give volleyballs, t-shirts, sweat suits and shoes. Any donations are accepted. For more information, contact Regina Wagner at 409-766-5838 or email

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