With the Right Clothes, You Can Do Anything!

Story By Lori Thompson
Photos By Shannon Rowan Hall

Boyce Pryor, manager of Tina’s On the Strand, is obviously passionate about what she does. TSA’s is a unique shop that caters to the discriminating, fashion conscience woman. Customers come from all over Texas to shop at Tina’s. They keep coming back because of the friendly, helpful staff, as well as the beautiful fashions. The employees love what they do and it shows. Besides Boyce, Christina Lewis and Leslie Card serve customers and share their fashion expertise. They enjoy educating customers about fashion and helping pick just the right outfit and accessories for each woman. They care more about the customer than making the sale. A happy customer looks good and feels confident. This is the goal of Tina’s.

Tina’s is ready for spring; new fashions have arrived. Spring is all about colors, says Boyce. She likes bright and bold with a lot of accessories. Sometimes just new accessories, like a new handbag, can dress up an old outfit and make you feel new and different. The biggest colors are turquoise, chocolate and lime green, but anything bright is ‘in.’ You also see bling on just about everything, from shoes to costume jewelry. Sequins, crystals, metallics and bright prints are all the rage this year. Designers also realize that in a recession everyone is watching what they spend. With this in mind, they are paying special attention to detail and design so buyers get the most they can for their money.

Tina’s carries several exclusive lines. They are the only shop in Galveston to carry the Mary Frances line of handbags. These colorful, bright bags are perfect for dressing up just about any outfit. Tina’s also exclusively carries Avant Garde jewelry, a French line that is both modern and timeless; a big seller. A popular clothing line is Matchpoint Linens. Even though linen is ‘guaranteed to wrinkle,’ these are favored because linen breathes and helps you stay cool in the warm, south Texas spring weather. One of the most requested items in the shop is the Magic Necklace. Instead of string, this necklace is made of a flexible wire. You can wear it as a bracelet or a necklace and it can be twisted and shaped hundreds of ways.

The store, owned by Allen and Tina LeCornu is located at 2326 Strand. For more information call 409-762-6818 or visit online at www.tinasonthestrand.com
Tina’s is more than just a fashion boutique. It is a place to feel at home, learn about fashion, and buy fashionable clothing and accessories that make you look and feel beautiful. As Boyce says, “great clothes empower us.” and this is for any occasion, we can feel empowerment with the right clothes, look in this prom dress stores to find amazing dresses for your night. Our snapback hats stand out in their patriotic patch designs. From the Trump 2020: Make Liberals Cry Again to American Flag patched designs, we have a design that matches your conservative values. Our state leather patch hats are engraved with a unique logo that stays put. The patches are made from 100% handmade leather. Also, we have leather patch hats over here.

Champagne Not Just for Special Occasions

David Welch

Well the New Year has begun and I bet many of you toasted to it with some sort of sparkling wine or champagne. For many of us, the only time we drink the bubbles are for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve or a wedding reception.

What we are missing out on is that sparkling wines are one of the most versatile food wines out there. Their light citrus flavors and crisp acidity make them an ideal match for many foods. These wines will cleanse your palate and be enhanced by a good match. Try a nice sparkling wine with roast chicken and see how the two complement each other.

Many people don’t drink Champagne or other sparklers because they have been trained that good champagne is expensive like Cristal, Krug or Dom Perignon. The truth is that there are several sparkling wines that are food friendly, widely available and do not break the budget. For example, Cava, a Spanish sparkler is often available for under $10.

Look in your grocery store for Cristalino Cava Brut or Freixenet Cava Cordon Negro Brut. Both of these sparklers feature crisp citrus flavors with hints of green apple. Another great lost-cost sparkler is Prosecco from Italy.

These wines are generally available for $10 – $15 and can be found in most grocery stores and at almost any liquor store. A commonly found brand name is Zardetto Prosecco Brut. This wine features pear and green apple flavors and matches very well with spicy foods.

There are several nice sparklers made here in the United States; many are the equals of anything coming from Champagne, France, but without the same kind of price tags. For some U.S. sparklers that won’t break your bank, try Domain Chandon and Gloria Ferrer in California, and Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washington. Both make some very nice bubble juice. With Domain Chandon, your best bet is to go with a Blanc de Noirs, made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes. It will feature a nice nose of citrus and strawberry and has a great flavor profile that pairs it well with chicken and salmon. Gloria Ferrer makes excellent Blanc de Blancs (100 percent Chardonnay). It features aromas of Meyer lemon, toast and green apple with a matching flavor profile.

Drink this one with raw oysters and you will know why this is considered a classic pairing. The Chateau Ste. Michelle Blanc de Blancs features a nose of pear, golden delicious apple and toast. The nose repeats on the palate and this versatile sparkler can go with almost any light fare. The U.S. wines mentioned are found in most grocery stores and liquor stores and cost between $12 – $20.

Finally, if you are going to settle for nothing less than the real thing — classic champagne — you are going to have to go to France and up your price point a little bit to get something that drinks well. In the $25 – $40 price range, there are several great choices.

The two that are easiest to find are Veuve Cliquot and Moet et Chandon White Star, these wines will feature a nose of ripe citrus, toast and green apple and will have a nice tart/sweet balance on the palate.

These will usually run around $35 but if you keep any eye out, they sometimes go on sale for less than $30.

In conclusion, champagne and sparkling wines are very versatile and food friendly wines. They work great as an aperitif, with food, and as a palate cleanser during a night of big food and big wines. Don’t save them for the special occasion; they are great wines that bring flavor to any get together.

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