An Interview With a ‘Main Squeeze’ Sponsor Fred Raschke

1. Why did you get involved with LD?
Our Chamber President, Gina Spagnola, told me about the idea, we discussed it, talked to the Lemonade Day people, and thought it was a great idea. We presented it to the Education Committee, who unanimously recommended it be approved. Their recommendation was forwarded to the board for its approval. The board unanimously approved the recommendation. This is a program that gives every child a chance to shine. It’s a great family and community event.

2. What do you hope the kids will get out of LD?
It gives the kids the opportunity to come up with a plan and execute it. In a lot of situations, I expect that there will be a lot of teamwork involved. We hope the kids will get a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride and self-confidence as a result of their efforts.

3. What can we do to encourage other businesses to get involved with LD?
We are actively spreading the word to businesses, churches, schools and everybody that will listen. It is important to tell the stories of kids that have experienced Lemonade Day and the valuable lessons they learned.

4. How do you think LD will make an impact in our schools?
The kids will see a connection with what they learn in the classroom and the real world. It may give them the thought that, “Hey, maybe the information we talk about at school really is useful.”

5. What tips can you offer to encourage children and adults alike to take that leap into creating their own business?
Take the first step.
Hold your head up through the highs and lows.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, over and over, along the way.
Know that there are others that will help.
Share your success with those with whom you worked, those who helped you along the way, and those that need your help in the community.

6. What do you think the education committee can do to make a better impact into our schools?
For the first time, the outstanding committee members will be working together as a team and not competing with each other. These leaders in education, from pre-K through college, solve problems that face our schools and kids. Together they are improving our schools. Together they are getting the word out that our kids have a great opportunity to learn in Galveston. Together they give all of our kids a chance to step up and be successful.

7. Do you have someone in your organization that you would like to highlight as an entrepreneur? If so, give us their name, photo and their story.
The State’s first licensed lawyer had a thought and a dream that he could form a successful and continuous law firm. So, in November 1846, William Pitt Ballinger received the first law license in the State of Texas and went on to form the first law firm in Texas. For 165 years, the firm that is now Mills Shirley L.L.P. has evolved and continues to work side by side with those in our community, including our kids, to achieve mutual success.

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