MVP Sports Logistics

An Example of Happiness in Professional Excellence

By Leslie Thompson

What is it that drives you to pure happiness? For Jan Loman and many others it’s simply caring enough to make a difference in other people’s lives. Loman is president and founder of MVP Sports Logistics which I discovered is located right here on Galveston Island. Originally from Wichita Falls, Texas, Loman has ventured across the world and back ultimately settling here in her favorite historic island home. Throughout her professional life she has gained experience in areas like International Real Estate and Mortgage Banking. Loman’s love for sports developed naturally paralleled with the maturing of her sons Wesley and Winston who continuously excelled in athletics. Loman identified her passions in life and fearlessly sought after them ultimately creating her dream job.
It all began when a billion-dollar logistics company asked Loman to run their European office operations. While abroad, she developed a “golden” business plan. Through negotiating discounts and saving travelers thousands of dollars going from the United States to Europe, Loman created an unbeatable service model in which she would later build into her own business operations. Loman said: “The goal was to eliminate the ‘hassle factor’ in relocation by not only working with the large corporations with negotiating on their behalf pricing and time moves, but handling all the logistical needs of the executives, politicians, film and music industry professional’s families and loved pets.”

When devastation hit America on September 11, 2001, traveling abroad came to a halt for most Americans. Scratched but not scarred, Loman packed up and headed back home to Texas. She then began a new career in mortgage banking and one day presented her same business model to a bank executive, but this time specifically involving the moving of professional athletes. Her idea was graciously accepted and supported. This idea came to be what is now the largest firm dedicated exclusively to relocating professional athletes. Loman expressed, “[Her] sole purpose for starting this company is to help professional athletes and their families make a smooth transition to their new city, home, school and remove the stress of integrating into a new franchise.”
By providing almost 100 various relocation services from mail forwarding, vehicle transportation, obtaining doctors’ records or birth certificates, or even disposing of unwanted household items – to arranging the new local newspaper delivery, hiring new housekeeping and personal chefs, or having an interior decorator add the final touches, MVP Sports Logistics does it all.
“The most valuable thing we can offer is providing a service they can trust,” said Loman. “These professionals need someone they can trust with their most valued possessions and most confidential information.”
Throughout the interview, I was in awe of Loman’s compassionate nature. I could plainly see that she cares for her clients as if they were family. “Once you move someone’s underwear – you get to know them personally,” said Loman jokingly. “And when nothing goes missing – that is priceless. You are a blessing to them.”
The majority of MVP Sports Logistics’ business is created by word-of-mouth advertising. Loman works closely with many high-profile celebrities such as Carlos Boozer, the highest paid Chicago Bull player, and NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey. “I’ve completed five moves for Boozer and his family and friends in the last 13 months,” said Loman. Amusingly enough, Shockey had called her that very morning before our interview. Loman explained how he called, frantically asking for help packing up and moving in about one week. She assured him it was possible and that he should not worry.
Loman’s job is very challenging, but she enjoys each and every relationship with her clients. Tennis star Venus Williams also works with Loman, offering her own design firm services to many of Loman’s clients. “Venus is the most delightful female athlete I have ever worked with,” said Loman.
Loman expressed how it has been difficult dealing with the recent lockouts in professional sports. When needed, she is always ready to jump on a plane to make things happen; outside of annual Mardi Gras! Galveston celebrations and Krewe de Gambrinus parties of course!
The horizon looks promising for MVP Sports Logistics as preliminary meetings with the Chicago Bulls to discuss the possibility of moving coaches and entire franchises are in effect. With top sports agents, real estate producers and professional athletes behind Loman’s efforts, MVP Sports Logistics is destined to continue excelling.
A top real estate producer out of Miami, FL said, “Jan, you should clone yourself. Thanks for the hands-on service for my client. I am telling everyone about your services. What you do helps all of us in our efforts to provide the highest quality of service.” An executive at Reliant Park summed it up perfectly when they said MVP Sports Logistics “know[s] everybody and can take care of every detail easily and quickly.”
Their goal is simple: to relocate professional athletes to a new location quickly, stress-free and at the lowest possible cost. Think of the many untold hours manifested in the process of moving to a new home while also making a career change; MVP Sports Logistics was created to remove this stress and ensure all transitioning needs are met, but on a much larger scale. Don’t miss Loman in our May 2012 magazine issue featuring successful female business owners residing on Galveston Island! For more information you may visit

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