Stylish Walls

By Elisabeth Lanier

Thinking about ‘style’ for this month’s article, and what it means (a distinctive appearance, having distinctive features), and having just hung a new exhibition in the gallery, got me musing on stylish walls and how to achieve them – especially in this economy, when we are looking to stretch out dollars while remaining stylish in our homes.
One really doesn’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on art. And, one can do it without resorting to reproductions which, after all, are copies – some better than others depending on the printing process – of something real. Wall Murals аrе large sized, scenic graphics, whісh аrе affixed оn a wall. Thеу аrе similar tо wallpaper. Thе murals hаvе 2 tо 8 panels, ѕо thаt thеу аrе easy tо mоunt оn thе wall. Thеу bring аbоut a dramatic change іn thе ambience оf thе rooms. People uѕе thеm tо render a finishing touch tо thе decoration оf thе house. Thіѕ accounts fоr thе immense popularity оf thе wall murals. Thе popularity оf thіѕ wall аrt hаѕ led tо a rise іn thе number оf thе manufacturers. Thе manufacturers cater tо thе popular demand bу producing a variety оf wall murals. Thеѕе include painted murals, tile murals аnd ceramic murals. Thеу аrе furthеr categorized іntо natural, wildlife, outer space аnd children murals. Sоmе оf thе manufacturers provide unique collections оf traditional murals depicting Victorian аrt аnd craft .Thе murals оf ѕоmе оf thеѕе manufacturers аrе marked bу dеtаіl аnd intricate styles. For wall muraledesign you should try website.

So, let’s look at other forms of art which do require multiple copies – and how those differ from reproductions. There are, of course, posters. But, here, I’m talking about a real poster, used to advertise a real event – not something being sold as wall art. A rock concert, a theater production, a bull fight, whatever it is that is of genuine interest to you – these events are all likely to have been advertised through the posting of posters. See if you can’t snag one of these to adorn your walls – not so coincidentally, express something about the interests of your home’s inhabitants.
Then there are prints – wood block prints, linoleum block prints, silk screen prints, etchings, darkroom photographs – all of these methods are subject to the vagaries of the human hand. Which means that the resultant prints are individual and subject to variations, some subtle, some less so. Because of these variations, print runs are limited – and it says so on the print. But this also means that the print you choose for your wall is as unique and individual as you are – and isn’t that part of what style is all about?
There are other, more technologically advanced printing methods – lithography, offset printing, all the way up to present-day digital printing – that are capable of producing the exact same image hundreds, even thousands of times over.

But, let’s say you are not a fan of any kind of reproduction. How can you express your own sense of style on a limited budget?
Maps are an ingenious and innovative way of creating wall art. You might be lucky enough to find a lovely old map of some part of the country that is dear to you – check your local flea markets or a good second-hand bookstore. Or, hang a contemporary map and use it to illustrate, with ribbon or markers where your travels have taken you. This, then, becomes not only an original piece of wall art, but a very distinctive one as well.
A way of hanging original work on your walls that artists have employed for generations is the ‘barter.’ And, it’s true that among artists this means trading one original piece of art for another original piece of art – which is one reason that artists’ homes are the interesting, varied, textured and unique expressions of personal style that they are. But, there is nothing wrong with asking the artist who created a piece which you extravagantly admire if they would consider a barter for something that you can offer, be it produce from your garden, or a service that you provide in your line of work (an engine tune-up, a manicure, painting the walls of your bathroom, a lesson in computer technology). Be creative with what you can bring to the table and you may end up with a cherished work of art. After going on This site you will get best painting blogs and their information.
Lastly, and in my mind one of the best sources of original and relatively inexpensive artwork are exhibitions hosted by local colleges. Colleges that offer art classes, or those that offer a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA), or those that are art and design schools, organize students’ work for exhibition and sale. This is a great time to catch a rising star, and in do doing, to encourage a budding artist. Check your local newspapers or online sources for times and locations. (Some great local resources would be Galveston College here on the island, College of the Mainland in Texas City, and for the more adventurous, Glassell School of Art in Houston.)
Just bear in mind that your walls don’t have to look like something off an assembly line – with a little persistence and imagination, your walls can be filled with original, engaging and inexpensive real art.
Elisabeth Lanier is an interior designer and space planner who, with her husband, is co-owner of DesignWorks, gallery and interior design studio, at 2119A Postoffice Street in historic downtown Galveston. She can be reached at 409-766-7599.

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