Chill Out…Surf’s Up Dude!

By Annie Willow

Chill out this summer as you enjoy the beauty of the island. Put on your flip flops and head to the sand where there is an abundance of colorful umbrellas, comfy chairs and cones made of flavored snow for everyone. Cool gentle Gulf winds are waiting to dance through your hair as pelicans soar over calm gentle waters with grace. If you are a local or a tourist visiting Galveston, these great tips will help you keep your cool and appreciate your island experience with joy-n-ease.
Extreme temperatures combined with high humidity can make a summer day challenging even here on the coast. The human body is designed to cool itself naturally through perspiration. The sweat is released from our pores as temperatures rise and then as it evaporates away from our body our core temperature is lowered and our skin is cooled. In high humidity areas our bodies retain more heat and it takes longer to evaporate so it is important to take precaution when having fun in the sun.

A body that is well hydrated will feel cooler. Drink lots of water throughout the day and stay away from carbonated beverages as they dehydrate you rather than quench your thirst. Cucumber lemon infused water is extra hydrating, budget friendly and surprisingly tasty. Add a peeled and diced cucumber along with the juice of a lemon to a pitcher of ice water. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals while reducing acid in the body make this a refreshing summer drink.
Air conditioners are working overtime this time of year. Check your windows and doors for cracks, gaps and leaks that may let the cool out and the heat in. Switching your ceiling fans to summer mode will pull the warm air up and better circulate the breeze of the fan. Hang bamboo blinds behind your curtains to block the rays of the summer sun while creating a cool tropical feel to your beach home. Next time you change the a/c filter put a drop of peppermint essential oil on it and let the cool minty aroma freshen the air.
You know it is hot when you get out of the tub and you are sweating. Rosemary essential oil will transform your steamy bathroom into a cooling spa environment. Add a few drops of rosemary oil to your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Rosemary is refreshing, energizing, and assists with taking the heat out of your body in addition to having antibacterial properties to help you combat odor during the day.
Summertime is what kids live for… friends, fun, and food! Freeze juice boxes before trips to the park or beach for flavorful slush drinks. Frozen sliced bananas, cubed melon and grapes make a healthy refreshing snack. Fill an ice chest with water balloons for a bomb of a time. Add food coloring to water and freeze in plastic containers overnight. When little attitudes are as hot as the summer sun, put the colorful ice blocks in a wading pool for story time in a floating rainbow.
Frozen water is a pup’s best friend during the dog days of summer. If your pet is serene inside make sure there is a fan blowing to keep the air circulating. There may be ‘hot spots’ that occur while you are away that you may not be aware of. Get a rope chew toy wet with water then freeze. Put frozen toy in their kennel for a refreshing chew during the day. If your pooch frolics in the yard place a ventilated doghouse in a shady area to prevent them from getting overheated. By midday the sun has warmed their water beyond the drinking point. Get an extra large bowl for their water. Freeze water in a smaller container and add to their bowl so they can have a refreshing drink throughout the day.
Everyone enjoys a relaxing walk or bike ride on the beach or the Seawall. Avoid the heat of the day as you take in Mother Nature’s finest by exercising early in the morning or in the evening. Wear a hat to shield your face from the direct summer sun and lightweight cotton clothing to allow your body’s built in cooling system to work properly. Sunscreen and polarized sunglasses are a year round must even on cloudy days. Go slow so you can see all the wonders of the island and prevent getting over heated.
Stick your toes in the sand and enjoy every moment of the last days of summer. There are plenty of memories of cool island times still to create. Surf’s up dude… pack a bag, grab a friend and chill out!
Annie Willow is proud to be an Islander By Choice, the mother of an American soldier, and the grateful owner of Happy Pretty You! Reiki Salon & Spa. A private, holistic environment to set your inner beauty free naturally. Come in for the pretty and leave feeling happy! For more information, go to: or call 409-765-5502.

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