Spring Surfin’ & Summer Camps

Learn to surf or improve your surfing skills this summer? Presented by Ohana Surf Camps, Ohana strives to provide the absolute best summer surf camp along the Texas Gulf Coast. We are proud to have produced hundreds of surf camp sessions for kids since 2005 with literally thousands of 6 to 17 year old students successfully completing the program since its’ inception.

Presented by Ohana Surf Camps

Let us share our passion for surfing and knowledge of the sport with you in 2011. We have assembled a group of experienced open water safety certified watermen and women to serve as instructors who share our enthusiasm for the sport of surfing and love for the ocean. Our model of teaching is based on a “safety first attitude,” so get ready for another summer of fun.

Your child will be met each morning at 9 a.m. by their own Ohana Surf Camp instructor on the beach between 28th & 29th St. on Seawall Blvd. (weekdays) or West Beach/Hershey Beach (weekends) on beautiful Galveston Island. These are excellent sites with good waves, sandy bottoms, and safe environments for learning to surf. In addition to the professional staff of Ohana Surf Camp’s, there is a Galveston Beach Patrol Lifeguard on staff and on site each day of camp. In addition to our own lifeguard on site, two Galveston Beach Patrol lifeguards are on duty at the 27th and 29th street jetties from 9 a.m. until the end of the day. Daily camp hours are 9 a.m until noon seven days a week.

Through out the surf camp experience we have several individuals join us to teach our camper’s about the Gulf of Mexico and its inhabitants. A marine biologist will attend one day to teach the students about sea life. They will also create a ‘hands on’ experience by catching sea life for the campers to safely handle on shore. Other beach activities – such as during flat spells, have training time for pop-up drills, paddling, races, beach games and more. We also have time to explain how waves are generated here along the Texas Gulf Coast and around the world.

A photo keepsake program, goodie bags, and pizza party on the last day. Undoubtedly we have one of the most exciting, comprehensive, progressive surf camp programs on the Gulf Coast and we encourage you to visit our web site to learn more, or call upon our experienced staff at Ohana Surf & Skate for more information. Contact us at 409-763-2700 or go to www.ohanasurfandskate.com. Once again, we look forward to see you and yours’ for another “Summer of Fun” – Ohana style.

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