Finally… Some Good Surf Hits the Island

Story & Photos By Bill Hill

Welcome to Island Waves, a monthly visit to the surfing community that calls Galveston Island home. March gave us some of the best surf we have had all winter.
Strong onshore winds would blow for a couple of days and kick up some decent sized surf then it would happen. A nice offshore front would storm across the beach and give us some of those days that all Texas surfer’s live for, clean, green and a whole lot of fun.
Check the shots from epic days of offshore surf we had during March, hope you enjoy the views. I invite you to check out We give you a daily tour of what is going on at the beach along with a live HD web cam that gives one of the best views of the beaches around. Until next month, have fun, be safe and thanks for checking us out… Mahalo!

Bill “Billyblues” Hill is a full time Realtor who publishes a popular daily website about the beach lifestyle known as Billy also does a Daily Surf Report on KSET 1300 AM in Beaumont.

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