Few & Far Between…

Cold waves welcome to Island Waves, a monthly visit to the surfing community that calls Galveston Island home. Cold, windy and not for the light hearted, that’s for sure. This past month was really a let-down as far as surf goes, mainly due to the lack of good surfing days.

The shots this month are of the only days that we had decent surf during the month of January, three to be exact. As you can see, even though you had to be part Polar Bear to brave the elements, there was no lack of enthusiasm from this crew.

See you next month when we will once again take a look at some of the coolest people I know that have a real passion for life on the Island. In closing I invite you to check out www.g-townsurf.com. We give you a daily tour of what is going on at the beach along with a live HD web cam that gives one of the best views of the beaches around. Until next month, Mahalo!

Bill “Billyblues” Hill is a full time Realtor who publishes a popular daily website about the beach lifestyle known as www.g-townsurf.com. Billy also does a Daily Surf Report on KSET 1300 AM in Beaumont.

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