Getting Hooked Up this Christmas

(with gifts that is!)

Story & Photos By Captain Galen Pruett

With Christmas around the corner, it is always hard finding that perfect gift. If you have a fisherman or woman in your life, I decided to help you out this month with a gift guide. And maybe those in my inner circle might even get a few hints.

$25 and Under

Snapper Slapper are a great lure to use when fishing for Snapper. They run from $8-$11 and you can find them at Cabela’s or

A great filet knife is always a necessity for any fisherman. Mister Twister is a good brand and will run you about $20 at Academy. Personally, I don’t like electric knives, so don’t feel like you have to splurge on that.

H2O Xpress makes a good set of pliers & gripper combo. This will run for $25 and can also be found at Academy.

Guy Harvey makes a variety of cool fishing t-shirts. They start at about $16 and can be found at Galveston Outfitters, West Marine or Academy.

$50 and Under

A rod rack is a perfect way to store your rods when they are not in use. You can find a decent one for about $30 at Academy.

I prefer using a tackle bag instead of a box because it is lighter and easier to store. You can find a few different styles at West Marine or Academy starting at $30.

Magellan and Columbia manufactures fishing shirts that have Ultraviolet Protection Factor. These shirts can have anywhere from 15-50+ UPF. They start at about $35 and you can find them at West Marine or Academy.

A marine ice chest has a lip type seal that does not allow water seepage to get into the cooler allowing you to have a dry storage area. Its also a bonus because you don’t have to worry about your drink cooler having that fishy smell in case it doesn’t get cleaned out well enough! Either way a marine ice chest makes a great gift.

You can find a 36 quart cooler for about $35 at either Academy or West Marine.

$100 and Under

Cast nets are good for fishermen or women who like to catch their own bait. You can find a 4’ one starting at about $80 at West Marine or Academy.

A pair of waders is good to help keep you dry while fishing the surf or fishing the shallows of the bay. A decent pair will start at about $70 at Academy or West Marine.

If you are looking for a casting reel, a Shimano Citica is a good one, starting at $100. And Penn makes some good spinning reels for $130. Academy, West Marine carry these reels and many many more.

Costa Del Mar has revolutionized the sunglass with the way they have manufactured their lenses. Their different color lenses help you see fish in the water. They start at $140 and can be found at West Marine, Academy, Sunglass Hut or you can build your very own pair at If you are shopping for an avid offshore fisherman or woman, I would recommend going the extra mile with the 580 lenses.

$500 and Under

A Kayak is perfect for fishing the surf or bay. I would recommend the Ocean Kayak Frenzy which is $380 at Academy. And remember that paddles are sold separately.

Custom rods are handmade with quality guides and tips that can be created for different types of fishing. Savage Rods are an excellent brand and start at about $250. You can buy yours at

Fowl Weather Gear makes a really nice all weather jacket. Not only is it comfortable but it is also water proof. These jackets are about $280 at West Marine.

Charter a Fishing Trip

And I can’t leave out a charted fishing trip! Even if the fisherman or woman in your life already has their own boat, it is always nice to go out and let someone else do all the work. Call me to get your gift certificate. And if you mention this article, I will knock off 10%. I hope that you and yours enjoy your Christmas.

Captain Galen Pruett has been fishing off the Texas Gulf Coast for over 25 years. To book a fishing trip with him, call 409-457-2339 or visit his website at for more information.

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