Pick Your Ride…

Story & Photos By Bill Hill

Welcome to Island Waves, a monthly visit to the surfing community that calls Galveston Island home. November kind of came and went with not a lot of surf but, as you can see from this month’s shots, any ripple at all the locals went out on a variety of wave riding vehicles.

Of course there were the conventional surfboards, long and short. Add to that the new rage on the coast, the stand up paddle board. These bad boys are quite adaptable and a lot of fun because they work in small surf that may not be workable on a regular surfboard.

Then there’s the Windsurfers … skill, strength and a lot of practice make these a unique choice, but another fun way to hit the surf.

Last and certainly not least are the kamikazes of the surf, the kite boarder. These guys are always upside down, way up in the air as they fly by the jetty’s or just doing some unreal carving and they are a real treat to watch.

The skill level is high, and it takes a lot of practice and patience but looking at Matt’s face, our featured Kite Boarder this month, it looks like a boatload of fun!

Check the shots from the variety of conditions we had recently. I hope you enjoy the views.

I invite you to check out www.g-townsurf.com. We give you a daily tour of what is going on at the beach along with a live HD web cam that gives one of the best views of the beaches around.

Until next month, have fun, be safe and thanks for checking us out … Mahalo!

Bill “Billyblues” Hill is a full time Realtor who publishes a popular daily website about the beach lifestyle known as www.g-townsurf.com. Billy also does a Daily Surf Report on KSET 1300 AM in Beaumont.

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