Flagship Sessions

Story & Photos By Bill Hill

Welcome to Island Waves, a monthly visit to the surfing community that calls Galveston Island home.
It looks like soon we will be saying a fond farewell to a Galveston legend, The Flagship Hotel. As you have probably heard it will soon be gone to make way for a new amusement park that will be a restoration of the Historic Pleasure Pier.

The hotel opened in 1965 and has been a hub for surfing on the Gulf Coast since the first day. In the late 60s and early 70s we had massive crowds sitting on the Seawall for the Gulf Coast Surfing Association’s Surfing Contests, so much fun.

I remember running to the end of the pier in the 70s and jumping off with my surfboard, hoping not to get caught. I recall one day when I did that and when I hit the water I broke my big toe, that was a bummer! I had some of the best times of my life surfing at her feet and I know I will miss the way she used to be, but time to move on.

The shots this month are a look back at some recent sessions that happened in her shadows. Good bye old friend and thanks for the memories!

I invite you to check out www.g-townsurf.com. We give you a daily tour of what is going on at the beach along with a live HD web cam that gives one of the best views of the beaches around. Until next month, have fun, be safe and thanks for checking us out … Mahalo!

Bill “Billyblues” Hill is a full time Realtor who publishes a popular daily website about the beach lifestyle known as www.g-townsurf.com. Billy also does a Daily Surf Report on KSET 1300 AM in Beaumont.

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