Island Waves

Livin’ On The “Dirty Side”

Welcome to Island Waves, Islander Magazine’s monthly visit to the surfing community that calls Galveston Island home.

September was rather disappointing as far as surf goes for the Island, just not much in the way of energy. Hurricane Karl along with a couple of other Tropical disturbances just didn’t produce any quality swells, other than the bumpy but obviously workable surf you see in this month’s shots. The issue is that we were on the “dirty side” of these storms and that does not give us clean swell energy, as a matter of fact that gives us choppy conditions along with lots of wind and rain… oh well. One thing is for sure, when a bump does come through the local gang jumps all over it.

The action this month was short lived but intense as you can see. We are really looking forward to fall as traditionally it begins the best time of the year for quality surf here on the Island, hope you enjoy the views from this month!!
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