Salt Water Soul

Salt Water Soul Apparel Now for Sale on the West End

Salt Water Soul Apparel
By Alyssa Jaisle, Photos By Elizabeth Madson

If you haven’t already visited Nate’s West End Seafood & Steak, there is now an added incentive to make the trip out west. Nate’s just built an addition on to the restaurant’s deck dedicated specifically to selling Salt Water Soul gear. 

Salt Water Soul gear has become a well known brand on and off the Island. Many tourists and locals alike love what the brand represents. Nate’s is the only authorized Salt Water Soul seller on the West End, stocking a wide variety of merchandise. A few examples of Salt Water Soul brand merchandise available at Nate’s include shirts, hats, window decals, and koozies. 
Salt Water Soul is an apparel line with a philosophy about the saltwater lifestyle that we live by on the coast. You may have seen the numerous window decals around the Island and down the Texas Coast and questioned what the logo stood for and assumed it was for a fishing club. 
In 2007 Billy Ray Wagner, a local fence contractor, had a passion for the saltwater. In his spare time he constantly found himself fishing, surfing, or just hanging at the beach. 
“There’s this smell about the saltwater that puts me in a good mood and always gives me great memories,” says Wagner. “On the saltwater is where I have met my best friends and we all have a connection and a different lifestyle than other folks. We are a different breed it seems.” 
Billy Ray’s friend, Tom Vaughn, is also passionate about saltwater.  
Salt Water Soul was created when Tom and Billy Ray joined forces. Tom owns a print shop and Billy Ray designed the logo. From there the pair gave the logo a concept and began work on what is now a nationally recognized Salt Water Soul brand. 
Due to the high volume in sales, Salt Water Soul has hired a rep group to launch their brand on a national level. 
From beginning at a modest amount of stores on the Island, Salt Water Soul apparel line has enjoyed great success at expanding the brand from the east coast to the west coast through online sales. Look for new colors and styles for both men and women to be released soon at Nate’s West End Seafood & Steak, as well as other local stores and online at

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